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Hacienda Los Satos


Hacienda Los Satos is where our rescued satos go to get healthy, learn how to be amazing pets, and just have fun.  This is their temporary home until they find their amazing forever family.​

Hacienda Los Satos is a small sanctuary surrounded by an amazing landscape up in the mountains.  This peaceful sanctuary allows us to devote quality time to each rescued sato, focusing on every aspect of their rehabilitation process.

At the sanctuary, you can find rescued pets in all stages of rehabilitation, from our most fearful to the naturally trusting animals.  We make certain that we know every characteristic, so we can make the best match with their future adopters and partners.

Every day our rescued pets get fed, get treats, their kennels are cleaned, they get time at the playpen, they received their medicines if needed, and special attention required, kittens and cats play in the Cat Rooms, where they have lots of toys, and so much more.

There’s a lot of work @HaciendaLosSatos!


You can give the gift of time to care for our satos. Every day dogs and cats need:







Sato Reading Time


Cleaning kennels

Gardening of green areas


If you are interested in volunteering @HaciendaLosSatos you can the best day for you in our Calendar. Hours can be certified by our staff for required school or work community service.  Click here to reserve your spot!

They need your help!

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