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For more than 12 years, Puerto Rico Alliance for Companion Animals, Inc. (PR Animals) has had one mission: educate the Puerto Rican community about compassion, kindness, and responsible guardianship. Education is the principal objective of our organization because through it we are able to provide the information that strengthens the human-animal bond and changes perceptions about adopting satos.

A 501(c) 3 organization established in 2010, PR Animals serves the Puerto Rican community through our four main programs:

Humane Education Program

Transport Program

Rescue and Adoption Program (Pet Village)

Community Outreach Program

We also have other supplemental projects that support our mission and continue to look for partnerships to expand our reach to the community and save more lives.

Our vision: Inspire and provide the tools to the Puerto Rican community to create and promote a safe, respectful and compassionate environment free of violence, neglect and abuse towards animals, where individuals, groups, and communities help, support, and value all forms of life.

Our goals can only be achieved by working together: community, veterinarians, animal welfare groups, volunteers, and donors. Every Sato Counts and you can support our mission by joining our organization through volunteering, fundraising, or any of our available programs.



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