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Our Humane Education Program is our investment in Puerto Rico’s future.  Empathy, compassion, kindness, pet care, and volunteer work are some of the values we encourage in the students/participants who partake in our programs.  We reached more than 10,000 students since 2010 with programs like Educating future educators, Remember Me Thursday (TM), Student Lobbying, and many more.


Our education mission:


To be the community’s premier knowledge resource in providing the highest quality and accessible humane education possible; and to become a recognized leader in providing programs and services, which enhance the bond between animals and humans.

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Resources for Teachers and Parents

Cuenta los animales
Animales para Colorear - Caballo
Animales para Colorear - Pájaros
Animales para Colorear - Perro
Animales para Colorear - Gatos
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