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Your company can become a Corporate Sponsor, hold food and donation drives, coordinate volunteer days at Hacienda Los Satos or, sponsor a PR Animals' TShirt Day.  Let us be a part of your social responsibility program, contact us today at


SATO Day is an innovative initiative by PR Animals aimed at integrating animal welfare into the core of corporate social responsibility programs. This initiative offers many opportunities for businesses to make an impact on the lives of Satos (street dogs) in need.

  • Short conference

  • Visit from one of our satos

  • Newsletter or short educational video to share with your employees

  • Be a part of one of our MakeOvers at Hacienda Los Satos.  

  • More options available

Contact us today to coordinate your Sato Day!

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Corporate Sponsorship

Become a Corporate Sponsor and gain valuable exposure through our network. Your brand will be associated with a cause that resonates with pet lovers and socially responsible individuals alike.


Food and Donation Drives

Hold food and donation drives within your company to contribute essential supplies to our sanctuary Hacienda Los Satos. It's a team-building opportunity that benefits a good cause.


Volunteer Days

Coordinate volunteer days at Hacienda Los Satos, where your employees can spend quality time caring for our rescued Satos. It's an excellent way to foster team spirit while making a difference.


PR Animals' Sato T-Shirt Day

Sponsor a T-Shirt Day by buying our specially designed shirts with messages promoting Satos and animal welfare. Employees can wear these shirts to work, spreading awareness both inside and outside the organization.


SatoMerch Table

Host a SatoMerch table at your office premises or corporate events to sell merchandise like shirts, mugs, and other items that promote Sato Pride. Proceeds go directly to supporting our mission at PR Animals.


Digital Newsletter

Receive our digital newsletter filled with inspiring stories, updates, and educational material about animal welfare. Share it with your employees to keep them engaged and informed.


Sato Visits

What better way to connect your employees with the cause than by arranging for one of our adorable Satos to visit your office? It's an enriching experience that will surely make everyone's day!


Contact Us

Become a part of our Corporate Compassion program and make animal welfare an essential aspect of your social responsibility initiatives. For more details, reach out to us at

Not ready to coordinate a Sato Day.  Please consider making a donation today

Download a Flyer to Share in Your Workplace's Bulleting Board
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